«Our subject is women and our goal is photography. The first question we need to ask is: “Is photography still able to surprise us in treating this subject, which in itself, continues to surprises us?” »
The starting point is the fact that Europe tends to homogeneity and a political and economic integration, preserving a large cultural and social diversity. In order to emphasize this diversity we have chosen the photography and the new visual technologies to present the purpose, the place and the image of the citizen from different countries of the Europe Union.
Véronique Bourgoin runs the EU WOMEN project since 2005.
This project was presented all over Europe and worldwide in many festivals, art galleries, museums and was supported by European Commission in 2006-2007
Details on: women.html.
The workshop offers a continuous session for the participants to benefit from some time conducive to creation and reflection. To give them the means by which they can go deeper into their research process, take a stance and commit themselves to a personal direction for approaching the subject.
Training method:
– Teaching skills through the complicity between the teacher and the apprentices, the use of new and old media to serve creation, and the stimulation of thought processes on a current international subject by means of thematic slide shows, debate.
– Observation and experimentation: shooting, scanning, practical exercises of creation and tutorials
– Reading of portfolio: training in analysis and critique, exchange of ideas and experience
– Round table on the topic of the project
– A selection of the best creations of the workshop will be included in the future international itinerant exhibitions
– A selection of creations from each participant will be included in the Sibiu “EU WOMEN” exhibition.
– Each participant will receive a certificate from FABRIQUE des ILLUSIONS & ATELIER REFLEXE (www.atelier-reflexe-org) Paris and ORIZONT Photo Club Sibiu
Sunday 6th October:
Meeting between the participants.
Presentation of the work of Véronique Bourgoin
Presentation of the project «EU WOMEN»
Each participant presents himself and his artistic approach
Monday 7th October:
Individual Portfolio review on the issue
Each participant will get a personal exercise to do
Collective meeting and discussion on the subject
Presentation of some artist’s works involved in the project « EU WOMEN»
Tuesday 8th October:
Collective portfolio review with projection and discussion
Wednesday 9th October:
Collective portfolio review with the evaluation of the work of each participant
Selection of the work with projection and discussion
Thursday 10th October:
Editing and making of the slide show with the selection of the result of the workshop
Slide show projection of the results to celebrate the end of the workshop.
Friday 11th October:
Installation of the exhibition
The workshop is free of charge. There are only 13 positions available.
The final results will be published on 15th September on our official website:
The participants are in charge of their accommodation and meals.
The organizers are able to suggest different variants according to each ones budget.
Contact person: Simona Maxim – project manager 0745 787972,
Cultural project financed by Administratia Fondului Cultural National (AFCN)

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